Capacity Max workshops

This will be the first time that I'll be consciously selling something via this please excuse me. At work, my team and I are planning to run a series of two-day Capacity Max workshops in Europe during May and June.

The main purpose of these workshops is to give Motorola Channel Partners the possibility of getting some hands-on practice with setting up a Capacity Max system under the expert guidance of a member of our team.

This is not training and is not a substitute for the official PCT2010 course. There will be no presentations or teaching since the assumption is that you have already taken the Capacity Max certification course.
Taking part would also not affect your PartnerEmpower status.
There is no fee but you would need to take care of your travel and accommodation. We'll take care of lunch and there will be plenty of coffee for those who need it.

This workshop is open to all EMEA Motorola Channel Partners (all levels). The workshops will take place in Basingstoke; Paris (in French); Berlin (in German and/or English) and Krakow. Further workshops are being planned in Dubai and Moscow (details will follow).

If you meet the above criteria (i.e. you are an EMEA Channel Partner and have taken PCT2010) then please register by completing this form.

If you are from another part of the world, or are an end customer, and would like to take part in this workshop, please ask your Motorola Account Manager to contact me to see how this can be arranged.
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