Digital Voting

Digital Voting was introduced in release R2.3 and allows you to extend the inbound coverage of a repeater system.

In a MOTOTRBO system, there might be situations where a portable radio can hear the repeater outbound transmissions but the user cannot talk back because their signal is too weak. This could be because the user is using a SL4000 series or ATEX radio - both have limited transmit power (ERP).

Digital Voting allows you to install Satellite Receivers in locations where there is no/poor repeater inbound coverage. These Satellite Receivers relay received radio transmissions to a central Voting Repeater. Here, the signals are checked and the transmission with the best signal (based on RSSI and BER) is passed to the Voting Repeater's transmitter.
In the following scenario, the radio user (green) is closest to Satellite Repeater 5 and hence the RSSI there is the highest. The signal from all the repeaters are checked and because Satellite Repeater 5 produces the best incoming signal, it's "audio" is repeated. Note that the Voting Repeater also checks its own inbound signal.

Digital Voting is supported in Capacity Plus (Single and Multi-site) and IP Site Connect. The Satellite Repeaters will add to the Peer count in terms of network capacity.
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