Upgrading a Capacity Max system

As of R2.7.0, the process to upgrade the Capacity Max System Server has been radically simplified. Simply go to the CMSS ESU webpage; upload the upgrade ISO file and click start.

In order to ensure the system continues to operate as expected during a system upgrade, in Radio Management, there is a tick box (which is unticked by default) called System Upgrade Complete - this must only be ticked once all the infrastructure components have been upgraded to R2.7.0 or later. Once this box is ticked, the system will support all the features in the new (upgraded) release.

The whole process (CMSS plus a few sites) takes about 30 minutes, apparently. I'm planning to upgrade our demonstration systems in the next few days.

When it comes to upgrading Radio Management, please make sure to read the System Release Upgrade Guide – R2.6.0 to R2.7.0 (MN003506A01 Revision AC).

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