7 must-have tools for MOTOTRBO technicians

Other than the CPS and RM, here are some other tools I have installed on my PC that help with what I do:

NetSetMan. I find that I have to regularly change the IP address on my PC. There are some common IP addresses that get used quite often. In Windows, changing these settings requires several clicks. NetSetMan allows you to quickly change the settings of any IP interface on your PC. It's free for non-commercial use but I've done the honourable thing and bought the licence. Download it here.

PuTTY. Sadly Hytperterminal went away with Windows XP. PuTTY is a terminal emulator for serial and telnet and does what Hyperterminal did (does) plus more. The Cisco* HPE switches and routers used with Capacity Max can be set up using a serial cable and command lines. PuTTY is free. Download it here.

Solarwinds TFTP Server. The Cisco and HPE switches and routers can have their software upgraded and configurations files sent to them using TFTP. To do this you need to have a TFTP Server running on your PC. Solarwinds TFTP Server is free. Download it here (registration required**).

Wireshark. What can I say, Wireshark is a free and open source packet analyser tool that is used for network troubleshooting and packet analysis. If you ever have to work with Motorola technical support on a problem they may ask you to send them a Wireshark capture (.pcap file). I use it to do all sorts of things. Download it here.

Teamviewer. TeamViewer is a computer application for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web conferencing and file transfer between computers. For it to work, it needs to be installed on both PCs. For example I use this tool to remotely manage the Capacity Max demonstration systems we use at work. It's free for non-commercial use but I've done the honourable thing and bought the single PC business licence. Download it here (registration required**).

IPerf. IPerf is a network testing tool that can create TCP or UDP data streams and measure the real throughput of a network (i.e. stress test it). Sometimes a device may look okay when you ping it but UDP packet loss may cause problems that only crop up once the network is busy. I use a professional version (variant) from Websense Systems Inc. that has a Windows GUI and allows me to plot graphs. You can download a free version here.

MOTOTRBO System Design Tools. This does all sorts of calculations like working out the grade of service; link bandwidth etc. Available to Motorola Channel Partners via Motorola Online.

Here is a video showing what I would do with some of these tools. In this video, I use NetSetMan; PuTTY and TFTP Server, to load the Motorola provided sample configurations into a HPE 2530-25 switch.

* Cisco also requires a USB Console Cable Driver. To download this driver you need to register** on their website.
** I have a separate email address that I use for the advertising.

PS. The hammer and screwdriver are (nowadays) optional :-)


  1. Very useful info...
    Thanks Wayne

  2. Hi Mr. Holmes,
    your blog is really useful, I am a fan of it, with a lot of information and useful comments.
    I also love DMR technology, is really powerful, flexible and reliable, all of this without the "Tetra-price".

    Recently we integrated a system with 250 portables, several mobiles and 8 repeaters for a Capacity Plus Single site, and the customer is really happy with this system. The new enhanced radios are awesome as well. We integrated it working together with a Spanish Motorola dealer, and we are really glad to work with this team, fast and good feedback, good knowledge and friendly environment. Thanks Telcom!.

    As I said I really like MotoTRBO, but there is something I hate: managing contacts. In this system,( I think it is no so big) I have 12 different templates, 1 Trbonet Server+dispatcher , 1 battery management. Lets see what happen if 1 contact should be changed: change 12 templates, change the Id-alias in the dispatcher, change the id-alias in battery management... it takes some time...and some error could occur..
    Motorola has a huge portfolio of applications, and software, but I thing a really interesting software would be a Contact-Database in RM with different profiles. Just tell to the Radio template if you are using a local contact list or RM Contact profile, so, when one profile is changed, all templates could be automatically updated and ready to launch an OTAP operation. Same for Trbonet (I know this is from Neocom not from Motorola) and Battery Management, just set up in this softwares the contacts source (database profiles or local). In this way, managing contacts in MotoTRBO systems will be easier and with less chances of errors. Hope you understand what I mean.

    Hope this comment is welcome from Motorola...
    Best Regards

    1. What you describe can be done (to an extent) if you use Radio Management in configuration mode.

  3. If you are planning to use the USB console port on a HPE MSR2003 Router, here is the driver: http://www.exar.com/connectivity/uart-and-bridging-solutions/usb-uarts/xr21v1410


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