Motorola Original rechargable batteries can provide years of reliable service, if you observe some simple rules regarding their use.

New batteries require a once-off formation charge before use. This is usually requires the battery be in the charger for at least 4 hours after the green "charged" light has come on.
When using the radio, operate it until the low battery alert is heard. After use, fully charge the battery using a Motorola Original charger.

If you are going to put the battery into storage for a prolonged period, charge the battery before and after storage. The battery must be stored in a cool dry place.

If cared for properly, Motorola batteries should provide more than 80% of the stated capacity for around 800 cycles. One cycle is the equivalent of one charge and one discharge.

If you have a large fleet of radios, it may be worthwhile considering Motorola IMPRES batteries, chargers and data management.

Here are two interesting - though rather technical - articles from CADEX (suppliers of the Motorola BOS) about the care and storage of rechargeable batteries. 

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