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The second generation MOTOTRBO radios (a.k.a. SL/DP/DM4000 series), have the ability to display a welcome image when powering on. There are specific requirements for this image and its parameters depend on which model it is to be used.
Of course, if you have a professional graphics editing tool like Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop (and others), editing and creating such images will be a breeze. For the rest of us, who neither have the use or scope for such tools, there are a few options.
Paint, the default Image Edit that comes with Windows (mspaint.exe) is able to save an existing image in one of the below formats. The scaling feature is not very good and so you should use the image editor that comes with Microsoft Office, to get the size right.
A second, and probably better, option would be to use something like Paint.NET. This is a free tool which can be downloaded here.
The resolution and colour depth for the welcome image is as follows:
  • 160 by 72 pixels and 256 colours for the DM460x
  • 132 by 90 pixels and 256 colours for the DP480x
  • 132 by 72 pixels monochrome for the DP460x
  • 320 by 240 pixels and 16bit (R5-G6-B5) colour for the SL40x0
The file format is Bitmap (.BMP). Note that when the welcome image is used, the radio name text will not be displayed during the power up sequence.


  1. I downloaded the software you recomended here and I still can't get the image right. I am working with SL7550 and the XPR7550, neither will work. Any help with this would be great.

    1. My apologies for the delay in replying. As mentioned on the blog, I am unable to assist with technical support requests. You would need to either contact your Motorola Partner (i.e. your Motorola radio supplier) or the makers of Paint.NET.

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  3. hehehe.. thanks ! I just programmed my chief's HYTERA PD782G to display the /\/\ logo shown and added voice announce features that I had initially disabled due to the poor "chinese-english" voice narration quality. EXCEPT, in addition to all of the "standard" voice msg's (channel and zone numbers, etc...) , I also added a "CUSTOM" voice file with a slight delay followed by our QC2 fire paging tone set to the "POWER ON" function.

    He powers up the radio, first sees the motorola logo -- confusing enough -- but then after a 4-5 second "boot up" time for the radio - (Hytera portables are fantastic - equal to the XPR7550 IMHO especially with the Federal and Public Safety firmware versions - don't know about private sector versions - FPP functions. You can change just about anything "on the fly" and it will save it to the radio codeplug // even analog tx/rx freq's and pl/dpl etc.. and of course all dmr parameters per channel.. well to be continued... but Hytera portables and mobiles take FOREVER to "boot" vs. motorola . So.. after it "boots" a few more seconds go by and he suddenly hears paging tones being generated (could also be done with their cps and custom tone set feature, but this was easier LOL) and thinks he missed something and is hearing an "all call" page.

    Thanks ! makes for some good entertainment.

    AND... using the info you have provided, it's great to use the motorola logo bkg and add a small patch or shield or logo laid in as a layer in the bitmap image. \\ and we had custom voice prompts recorded locally by a gal with a great announcing voice.

    Thanks for everything and for your site.

    -- now just come up with a way to monitor all audio traffic on a particular frequency - by cc or all cc - so we can find "pirates" on our single location / single site standalone repeaters.


  4. For custom Voices I use http://www.fromtexttospeech.com/ and then edit in Audacity. My customers love that the radios power up with their company name being announced.


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