Introduction to MOTOTRBO Connect Plus multisite digital trunking

Connect Plus is a single-site or multi-site trunking solution that utilizes MOTOTRBO repeaters and subscribers for its RF components. Because the radios operate in digital mode, a Connect Plus system combines the advantages of MOTOTRBO digital signaling (two voice conversations per repeater, integrated digital features, etc.) with the efficiency of trunking.

Unlike Capacity Plus and Linked Capacity Plus, MOTOTRBO Connect Plus uses a site controller and dedicated control channel. Like traditional trunking, subscribers (radios) not involved in a call, search for and monitor the control channel. The information required to set up a call is passed on the control channel after which targeted subscribers move to an allocated traffic channel.

A Connect Plus system supports up to 15 repeaters (30 timeslots) per site with up to (currently) 35 networked sites. One of the timeslots on a site is allocated as the control channel.

There are also a number of features only available in Connect Plus, these include:

  1. Validation of Radio IDs and Group ID
  2. Validation of Connect Plus ESN
  3. Remote access for user, site, and network management.
  4. Prioritized Busy Queue
  5. Text Message Mailboxing with Store and Forward Capability
  6. Multigroup ID for Voice and Data Calls
  7. Ability to update frequency information and option board firmware over-the-air (OTA)
In Multi-site network operation, the site controller tracks each subscriber through registration and de-registration messages. This process allows the system to use RF resources efficiently. This means that group calls are only carried at sites where radios are presently registered.

MOTOTRBO also supports over 16 million subscriber IDs Group IDs and Multigroup IDs. There are also a number of third party applications available from Motorolas' Application Partner community. 

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  1. Hello sir,

    I'm sorry but I come back to + capacity system. I have some questions because I do not understand the system so much

    Capacity + is the interconnection of several radio repeaters on the same frequency and the same antenna on a single site. Each relay offers 2 channels of communication. For exemple : if I have 4 repeaters radios this makes therefore 8 channels of commununication. How can one say 1200 users per site?

    Is it advisable to make an individual call on capacity +? Is it not likely to occupy all communication channels too quickly?

    Thank you


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