New in R2.5: longer text messages

Got a lot to say? Well now it's no problem. MOTOTRBO can now do 280 character long text messages.

The current generation MOTOTRBO radios, can now be configured via the CPS to send text messages and job tickets with a maximum length of either 140 or 280 characters. The CPS configuration is only needed for transmitting, not for receiving. The radios are capable of receiving text messages with up to 280 characters regardless of CPS settings.

Don't feel like looking at the display? No problem, you can have Tessa - or any one of the synthesized voices - read it out for you.

The default setting for the radio is 140 characters. If not configured using CPS, the outgoing messages will be truncated.

Normally,the maximum length of the text message is 280 characters, however some applications may reduce the length by 1-3 characters for control purposes.


  1. Hi Wayne, and happy new year!!
    We have been waiting for the new R12.0 ver. of CPS, but we "ain't seen nothing yet" available for download at emeaonline. Only new FW for radio's.

    1. We are also waiting for the new CPS v.R12.0
      The file says its a requirement before we use the latest FW.... do you know of a release time here?


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