New in R2.5: SINC+

In high noise environments, normal noise suppression can distort speech intelligibility when signal to noise ratio at the microphone approaches 6dB. SINC+ is the latest and most advanced audio processing technology  which automatically adjusts the transparency of noise suppression as the noise level approaches the threshold.  This further improves audio quality and speech intelligibility.

SINC+ provides additional noise suppression, and when combined with the existing noise suppressor offers enhanced noise suppression, while using a single microphone on the radio. Such noise suppression would only be available when a dual microphone accessory such as the INC RSM is used.

A Charge for Software (CfS) licence is required to enable this feature. The part number is HKVN4371A.


  1. HI wayne ,
    Is this feature available for the Dm 4600,and how do I go about enabling this feature

    1. I dont think this is a mobile feature. There is a licence required for this plus you would have to upgrade to the R2.5 firmware.


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