Your help is needed

I have around 6 old VHS cassettes containing some Motorola F:A:S:T. training videos which I would like to digitize and upload to YouTube. I've tried a few local video-to-DVD companies but they've all backed out.

The trouble is that these cassettes are protected with Macrovision(TM) which requires a Timebase Correction Tool to remove the inter-frame pulses. Using a commercial video capture card does not work either because Macrovision(TM) interferes with  the frame synchronization.

I am looking for someone dependable who can transfer these videos to DVD. I'll pay for the shipping and whatever you normally charge. If you are able to assist but are concerned about the legal ramifications, I can provide a letter of permission from Motorola.

If you can help, please get in contact with me via this link; Facebook; Google+ or the below email address:

I would buy a Timebase Correction Tool but it seems wasteful for a once-off use. Plus I would have to buy a video cassette player.


  1. Hi Wayne,
    You can play back the videos on an LCD TV and capture the video with either a camcorder (on a tripod) or video camera connected to a computer.
    I did this to convert my father's old 8mm movies to video.
    You should see if your local library rents/loans VHS equipment.
    It's a cheap way to transfer videos - but it works. Just do it in an unused room and close the door. You can always do a direct connection for the audio to the camera or other capture device.

    BTW, I worked for Motorola in Toronto, Canada for 33 years before they shut down the engineering design centre I supported.

    Larry Rothman

    1. Thanks I might even try that.

      You must have worked on the Outlaw project?


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