WAVE on Radio

EDIT: 29.09.17*

WAVE enables scalable, enterprise-grade push-to-talk on broadband networks and devices so that critical, time-sensitive information flows quickly and securely between team members. It provides a communications interoperability platform between smartphones, radios (any type), computers, telephones or any other communications device.

WAVE 5000 is suitable for customers who want to own the entire communications network. In this case, a WAVE 5000 server would be collocated with the radio infrastructure and would act as a gateway into the computer and smartphone network.

WAVE OnCloud is currently not supported*.

Traditionally, the WAVE client would be installed on an Android or iOS (Apple) phone or tablet. However, as of R2.8.0, WiFi enabled MOTOTRBO radios are now also able to operate as WAVE Clients.

The radio would be provisioned with one or more WAVE Personalities via Radio Management. The radio would connect to the WAVE server via WiFi. In areas where LMR coverage is possible, the radio user can switch to a normal RF channel and talk to WAVE  and other radio users via the DMR channel.

When operating on the WAVE server/service and GPS is enabled, the radio will send its location to any WAVE cleints that support location tracking (e.g. Desktop Communicator; Mobile Client)


  1. Hi Wayne,
    Great article again.
    Have you got any info when Oncloud will be available for the rest of Europe?


  2. Hi Wayne,
    I have run your guide but I can not connect to the wave server.
    The credentials are ok because with the same I connect via the 5.11 wave app
    Do I have to set something on the wave server to connect with the radio?
    On the display of the radio it writes me the wifi connection has full field but I can not connect.
    Do I forget something?
    Thank you

    1. I’m not sure. There might be some permission settings.
      Have you contacted technical support? https://cwh050.blogspot.de/p/support.html

  3. Hi Wayne,

    I understand WAVE OnCloud is currently only compatible with Capacity Plus/Max systems. Do you have any information if this will be made available for IPSC systems anytime soon?

    When you say "WiFi enabled MOTOTRBO radios are now also able to operate as WAVE Clients" is this only with WAVE 5000 or also WAVE OnCloud?

    We are considering upgrading our Trbonet licence to include Mobile Client. Is there any advantage using WAVE OnCloud rather than Trbonet Mobile Client?


    1. I need to check on whether WAVE On Cloud will support IPSC. I would have thought that it's supported.

      The "e" series MOTOTRBO radios will work on WAVE5000 via WiFi (i.e. a Mobile Client in WAVE5000). WAVE On Cloud uses a Gateway into the RAN so would rely on regular RF channels to get through to the radios.

      The choice whether to use WAVE Mobile Client or TRBONET Mobile Client is a personal choice I guess. The only thing is that WAVE Mobile Client was designed as a bona-fide client, whereas TRBONET Mobile Client is designed as an extension to the TRBONET Enterprise PC based dispatch application.


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