PMR446 goes digital with the XT600D

The XT600d Series is the new addition to the Motorola Business Light portfolio. The radios operate in the PMR446 frequency band and therefore don't require a licence like traditional two way radios. It also means that they can inter-operate with other models of PMR446 radios like the XT400 series.

They support both analogue and digital operation. In digital mode it is possible to call a single person, a group, or the entire team. It's also possible to remotely monitor radios, send call alerts, and even disable radios if they’re lost. The radios have a full keypad for text messaging and the ability to record and play back conversations.

Digital mode also means that there is no interference from other non-business users. Because of error correction built into the VOCODER algorithm, these radios are capable of slightly more range when compared to analogue PMR446 radios (even though they radiate less than 0,5W). 

There are two model variants: the XT660d and the XT665d which is the same as the XT660d but also supports LPD433 operation. My understanding is that the XT665d will only be sold in countries where LPD433 voice communications is allowed - Russia and possibly other countries.

Find out more about this radio here.


  1. In India nothing is free. Every radio required license


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