Tip: DP4000e with GOB


There is a means to order some portable models with the option board pre-installed. For example, on the UHF DP4801e, adding option QA06186AA will include the Connect Plus option board. This option board can be flashed with any software that is designed to work on the Motorola Generic Option Board - the Connect Plus option board and Generic Option Board use the same hardware.

There is however no option like this on the mobiles so the option board needs to be ordered as separate line item (PMLN7324AS) and retrofitted. There is a requirement in this case for some basic tools (Torx Drivers; Control Head Removal Tool; Volume Know Removal Tool and an ESD workstation) and skills. The procedure is described in the DM4000e Series Basic Service Manual.

The legacy DM3000 series also required the option board to be field-retrofitted, except the Generic Option Board part number for this radio is PMLN5496AS. For the DM4000 series the the Generic Option Board part number is PMLN5718AS.

Retrofitting the Generic Option Board on the DP3000 and DP4000 series radios requires some additional work as these radios were IP57 - the IP rating would have to be re-validated when the radio is reassembled. The same applies to the DP4000e series, except this radio is IP68 so the re-validation is consequently more stringent.

The GOB for the DP4000e series radio (PMLN7324AS) will not fit into a DP4000 series radio (PMLN5718AS) and vice versa.


  1. Bom Dia??? Wayne vocĂȘ tem o esquema elĂ©trico detalhado do radio Dep450

    1. https://cwh050.blogspot.de/2014/02/service-manuals-for-new-mototrbo-radios.html


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