MOTOTRBO: Some tips to solve OTAP problems

The cause(s) why OTAP wont work could be anything. In cases like this, your first port of call should always be whoever sold you the system and radios (it could be a Reseller, a Distributor or even Motorola Solutions) and ask them for help.

In all the cases I've seen, it's been a setting problem - either in the radio; Radio Management; PC or network.

The steps to find the root cause are so varied that it's very difficult to cover all bases in a few words or via replies to comments. However, here are some checks to carry out and questions to ask yourself, which I've always found useful:

Is this occurring on one radio or on all radios? If only one radio (or some radios) is affected, what is different about this/these radio(s)? Are these radios all on one repeater site or on the same channel? If yes, are any radios that can be OTAPed on this channel or site? The main question is: What is different about the radios that cannot be OTAPed when compared to radios that can be OTAPed (it could be anything)?

Obvious check: Is the Device Programmer setup okay? Is Over the Air is ticked and the right Group is selected (by default this should be All). If a group is selected, make sure that Device Programmer group contains the radio you want to OTAP.

Is the target radio turned on and on the right channel?

Were you able to OTAP this/these radio(s) before (i.e. on day one)? If yes, what changed at or shortly before the time this stopped working?

Remember that under normal circumstances, voice will take priority over data. So if the channel used for OTAP is busy, the job will wait or timeout.

Does the OTAP key in Radio Management and in the Radio match?

Try turning your Antivirus and/or Firewall off for a short while and try OTAP again. If it works with either or both off, then either/both are blocking Radio Management or the port used for sending jobs to the Device Programmer.
If this happens, have a look at the Radio Management Database configuration to see a list of used ports. I also have a list here.
You should only do this if OTAP doesnt work at all (i.e. on all radios).

Is the RF path okay? Can you for example, call the affected radio(s) using a private voice call? Is this radio able to make a private call to the Control Station or, if NAI is used, can the radio send Radio Check to the Radio ID of the NAI service?

Are you able to ping the affected radio(s) from the Device programmer host? If not, this indicates a problem for data connectivity between the Device Programmer and Radio.

If you still need help, please have a look at my support page

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