This simple "trick" can solve an unusual problem.

When a MOTOTRBO radio behaves abnormally, it's sometimes difficult to determine whether there is a hardware or configuration problem.
One thing to try, is to do a radio recovery. This is the equivalent of of doing a factory reset. The idea is, that if the radio works normally after being recovered, then the issue is in your configuration. If the behavior is the same, then there is probably a hardware fault.

In order to do a device recovery, you will either need the the upgrade package that matches the radio's current firmware version, or an upgrade package that is newer than what is in the radio.

Recovering a radio might remove the CfS licences. If this happens - and if you are using CPS2.0 - you can recover these by using the Recover Licences menu function. The PC needs to be connected to the internet for this.

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