MOTOTRBO: Broadcast Talkgroup Call

In Capacity Max, talkgroups can also be configured as Broadcast Talkgroup Calls. This feature is useful for making an announcement to all radio users in a talkgroup or to users in multiple talkgroup. It is different from All Call in that the call is onyl received by members of a talkgroup, irresepective of their location.

The radio contact list can have two entries for a specific talkgroup – one with broadcast and other without. The user would select this, either from the contact list or by selecting a Personality, in which the Broadcast Talkgroup Call is a TX Contact, via the "channel" selector switch.

In a broadcast talkgroup call, only the initiating radio can transmit. The call has a hangtime - just like a regular talkgroup call - but during the hangtime, only the call initiating radio is able to transmit - other participating radios cannot interrupt, or respond to, the broadcast call.

Generally, the broadcast talkgroup has many radios in it. The ability to initiate such calls must also only be given to responsible and/or supervisory radio users who need it.
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