TETRA: Common Secondary Control Channel

Common Secondary Control Channel (C-SCCH) is a feature in Motorola Dimetra (TETRA) systems that allow the Control Channel bandwidth to be dynamically expanded on very busy RF sites.

The C-SCCH feature effectively doubles the Control Channel capacity by changing the use of a channel (one timeslot) from voice or data to control signalling.

In Dimetra Express, one additional C-SCCH can be configured per site site. Since the number of C-SCCH can be dynamically changed on a site, the system administrator can modify this setting to best suit the current load profile of the site.

Additionally, since each C-SCCH is a separate logical entity the radios affiliated on that/those site(s), can be spread between the primary and secondary control channels such that the load on each of the channels is evenly distributed.

In order to enable this feature, a Common Secondary Control Channel is licence needs to be purchased.

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