MOTOTRBO: Capacity Max Site-Wide, Multi-Site, and System Wide All Call

Capacity Max supports a voice site-wide, multi-site and system wide All Call.

When a radio user or dispatcher makes a Site-Wide All Call, all the radios at the same site as the initiation radio will receive the call, no metter which talkgroup they are on. If the call is initialed by a dispatch application, the application explicitly specifies the destination site.

When a radio user or dispatcher makes a Multi-Site All Call, all radios at the defined sites will receive the call. As in a normal talkgroup, the system administrator can configure the sites that are
statically associated with the Multi-Site All Call group using Radio Management.
Capacity Max utilizes a range of 128 Talkgoups (0xFFF60 to 0xFFFDF) to support multiple
preconfigured multi-site all calls. A radio or a third party application may initiate a call to any of the
Multi-Site All call IDs.

A System Wide All Call is received by all registered radios on the system.

Multi-Site and System-Wide All Calls requuiring more than 15 sites, make use of the voice packet replicator functionality in the MNIS VRC. When (one of) the replicator(s) is/are not present (e.g. IP link failure), calls going to more than 15 sites are not supported for the duration of the outage.

If having this functionality available all the time (>99,999% availability) then it's wise to use a geographically redundant CMSS.
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