CPS 13.0 includes support for Capacity Max but there are a few differences in the way you would use CPS and the way you use Radio Management for Capacity Max.

With Capacity Max, you configure it as a complete system. In the past with CPS, you would have individual codeplugs for each device (e.g. Portable X from department Y) and device type (e.g. one codeplug for a DP4801 and another for a DP4800).

This means that Capacity Max does not use codeplugs but rather Configurations and Sets. A Set would be some information relating to, for example, the channels used in the system. There would be Sets for every aspect of the system and when you program a radio, Radio Management would create a Configuration for that radio and send it to the radio (via USB; WiFi or OTAP).

Once you've set up a device for operation on a Capacity Max system, it can no longer be reprogrammed using standalone CPS. You can do a device recovery and get it off Radio Management but then the configuration is lost.

The above only applies to Radio Management 2.x when it is used with Capacity Max (Configuration Mode). You can, of course, use Radio Management in so-called Template Mode which will provide the same look and feel as Radio Management 1.x.

Here is an excellent video, from a colleague, explaining this.


  1. great news! but will the RM2 config mode support IPSC and LCP systems in adiditon to CMAX?

    1. IP Site Connect and Capacity Plus system configurations would still need to be managed in Template Mode. It is possible to manage a Capacity Max radio for IPSC and Cap+ in Radio Management in Configuration Mode.


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