New in R2.6: Indoor Location Tracking

The DP4x01E radios have a built-in Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver that supports iBeacons. With iBeacons, it is possible to do indoor tracking (without additional radio hardware). Within the buildings, all you would need to do is to install iBeacons and log the actual position of these in your location tracking application.
iBeacon hardware examples (from Wikipedia)
This feature is only available on the Dx4x01E radios and does require a CfS (Charge for Software) license.

The latest versions of Motorola sold and supported applications SmartPTT Plus and TRBONET Plus support indoor location tracking and other MOTOTRBO Application Partners may/will have similar offerings.

Indoor tracking was always possible but required a special option board and IMS beacons.

iBeacons are already used in shopping malls to alert customers about special offers based on their location in a store.The hardware is fairly cheap and the power consumption is quite low allowing an iBeacon to operate for long periods with a small battery.

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