New in R2.6: Authenticated Radio Disable

Authenticated Radio Disable allows the radio to challenge the radio disable/enable command by using the Enhanced Privacy or Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) key.

When the target radio receives a disable or enable command, it can choose to challenge the command initiator at a device or user level authentication. This is an enhancement to conventional radio disable method where radios could be remotely disabled without authentication.

Device Level Authentication uses the Enhanced privacy key to ensure that the originator is authorized to do this.
User Level Authentication requires the originating user to enter a challenge pass-phrase without which the target radio will continue to operate.

So using this feature, a radio will not be able to respond to a radio disable command originating from an unauthorized radio. The user can invoke a radio disable command to a radio using the encryption methods available in the CPS configuration.

The initiating radio for authenticated radio disable does not require the CfS license to use this feature - only the target radio.


  1. Hi Wayne,

    We have an issue where we have disabled a few radios (using Trbonet). With the DP4800 it appears the radio is still "on" and connected to the radio network, just with a blank screen as long as the knob is on the on position. However with the SL4000 as there is no "on" position, rather just a push button to turn on. So when trying to re-enable, on the DP4800 it immediately responds and enables, however when we do the same thing with the SL4000 it does not respond at all. Is there anyway to force the radio to connect to radio network even when disabled? When we press the on button it turns on for a second and goes blank (as with the DP4800) but does not respond to enable command, no matter how many times we try.


  2. I’ve not seen that before.
    If you disable a SL4000 and then immediately enable it (without touching the radio) does it start again?
    Does the radio become re-enabled if you read-write it with the CPS?
    I’ll have to try this when I’m back at work.


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