New in R2.6: Per channel output and others

When receiving a Call Alert (Page), the user can now choose to respond with a private call to the initiator or make a programmed default PTT call. This will allow the user to ensure that the call goes to the intended recipient or group.

The DM4000 series radios now support per channel output. Using this feature, you can have one of the accessory connector pins (17; 19; 20; 21; 22 and 24) toggle state whenever the radio user is on that channel. This feature is supported on analogue and digital conventional channels.

It is now also possible to make the DM4000 series radio give a channel voice announcement when the channel is changed via the one of the GPIO pins. Previously, when the channel was changed (steered), there would be no voice announcement.


  1. Hello Wayne, trust you are well. i just noticed for the first time an icon resembling a simcard with an arrows up and down please clarify.
    Thanks and see you soon in ZAR hopefully.
    Ian Smith

    1. I've never seen it before. I'll have closer look. I have an idea that means the radio is sending data.

      I assume you're referring to the Motorola event this week? I won't be there (long story) but my colleague Reinhard will. He'll be flying the Vertex Standard flag :-)

  2. Greetings Mr. Holmes!

    Could you please explain few things concerning new updates? Firstly, whenever a radio (e.g. DM4600) is programmed in the newest CPS, keyboard tones are disabled by default and need to be enabled manually each time after a radio has been programmed. Is there an option in CPS to have keyboard tones enabled by default?

    Further more, I've noticed with the newest firmware (R02.60.05) for DM4400 radios, each time the radio has been programmed, sound volume is by default set to the maximum. This is VERY unpleasant and needs to be manually turned down quite a bit. Is this a bug with the newest firmware or is there a setting in CPS to set the radio's volume to a normal level?

    1. I don't recall seeing any setting like that in the CPS. If you think there is something wrong in the software, you need to report it to technical support - see


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