Capacity Max and TRBONET Plus

With the release of R2.7.0, several new features have been added to TRBONET Plus and released as version 5.1:

Sign In Sign Out

It is possible for a radio user to announce their availabilitx to the dispatcher by selecting this on the menu. The radio sends this message to the dispatcher when then  shows the user as online (i.e. available for work/calls).

Job Ticketing

Job Ticketing is now available in Capacity Max.

Radio Kill

It is now possible to permanently enable or disable a radio. Note that this makes the radio stop working altogether and should only be used on radios which are confirmed to be lost or stolen. Once recovered, the radio has to be returned to Motorola for repair.

Status Messaging

It is now possible to send and receive status messages from TRBONET. Note that this feature is only supported in capacity Max.

Guard Tour

It is possible to set up a time limit and movement rule for a radio user to move between one iBeacon and the next.  If one location is missed or the user fails to move within a certain timeframe, an alert is given on the console. This usually indicates that there is a problem with the guard. This feature works really well in conjucntion with Lone Worker and Mandown.

GPS Store and Forward

On radio with a GOB, it is possible to have it store GPS coordinates and send them later. The GOB can also store multiple sucessive coordinates (up to 500.000) thus providing a greater resolution when retrieving the stored data. This works in paralell with normal LRRP GPS update.

Multiple Sound Devices

It is possible for diffferent call types to be presented on different sound devices such as selected speakers; unselected speakers or a headset. For example emergency calls can be routed to a seperate speaker so that the message is heard even when the dispatch operator is away from their desk.

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