Okay, not quite Motorola but here is an Avometer Model 8 (Mk. III) I picked up the other day on Ebay. I always wanted one because this meter allows you to see which way the current/voltage is going while tuning a circuit. Also, this meter can handle 2,5kV DC which is useful when you're looking at HT lines in a valve (tube) amplifier. It also has a cut-out in case you do something really wrong :-)

It just needs a pair of leads and some TLC. This one will stay at home so I'm not too worried about a carry case.


  1. The AVO 8 is a true classic. Yours is a Mk 3. I have several examples but my daily drive is the Mk V.

    1. Thanks :-)

      My son and I are setting up a small workshop in the basement of our apartment block (until we buy a house with a real workshop/garage). This meter will spend the rest of its days on the bench helping me fix valve radios and teaching him electronics.

  2. The 15V battery is a challenge, either leave it out and sacrifice the higher ohms ranges or Google some of the DIY replacement options.


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