MOTOTRBO e series radios are capable of being programmed via WiFi. 

In order to know when a radio is present, the radios use a protocol known as DNS-SD to announce their presence to the Radio Management Device Programmer. For this to occur, the Device Programmer and the WiFi connected radios have to be on the same WiFi Access Point - or at least TCP port 5353 needs to be allowed through to the PC hosting Device Programmer. Bonjour from Apple also uses DNS-SD.

When a radio connects to the WiFi network it periodally sends out multicast DNS-SD messages. These messages arrive at the Device Programmer PC and the OTAP job starts.

DNS-SD uses multicast so one needs to be careful not to route these messages to other Device Programmer host PCs - if multiple Device Programmers are used on the same LAN/WAN.

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