Capacity Max User Name Verification

A Capacity Max system has the ability to allow 3rd party applications to get information about the presence of radio users via the Trunking Controller - similar to RUA/RUI in TETRA. The Trunking Controller receives the user's presence from the radio when they enter their User ID (i.e. log in) via a keypad model radio.

This User ID consists of a User Name (up to 14 characters including non-aplhanumerics) and a Domain ID (1-16). You can have the same User Name in in each Domain and you can have up to 15 Domains.

The concept of multiple Domains is useful when a Capacity Max system is being shared between multiple customers. Each customer has a unique domain and within each domain there are user names.

On a system, a radio is associated with one domain only, which means that a User Name in a domain can register only with a radio that is associated with that domain. A radio’s User Name and Domain ID are specified in the Subscriber Access Control within Radio Management.

This feature allows a radio to be shared between multiple users. Whenever that user signs in, their access privileges, and information about which radio they are using, can automatically be carried over to that radio unit and other system components.

The Trunking Controller is a service that runs on the Capacity Max System Server (CMSS).
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