Dimetra: All Start and Fast Start

All Start and Fast Start are two features in Dimetra Express that supplements group calls.

With Fast Start, a multi-site call will be set up with whatever sites are available at that time. Then as slots become available on the busy sites, they will be added. This ensures that calls are set up as quickly as possible even when the system is busy.

With All Start, if the system is busy and not all slots are available to set up the group
call, the system will wait for all the required resources to become available, before setting up the
call. This feature ensures that all the sites having members of the talkgroup are included when the
call begins.

This feature is available in Dimetra Express as of R1.4. This has also been a feature in other Dimetra systems for some time.

This video gives a short overview of Dimetra Express.
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