MOTOTRBO: MNIS now supports connection to multiple systems

Adding multiple Capacity Plus and Conventional Domains are now possible in MNIS.
In R02.105.0011, a single MNIS instance supports connection to multiple IP Site Connect or Multisite Capacity Plus (LCP) systems, at the same time. This will be useful for customers who have multiple MOTOTRBO systems deployed and want to use a single console to communicate with each system.

This change also reduces the need to install MNIS on each application server or VM, when connecting to more than one radio system.

Cross-system deployments are however not supported. For example, MNIS wont be able to support an IP Site Connect and Multisite Capacity Plus system at the same time.
The 3rd party data application would need to determine which system to send a data message to, as MNIS does not control this.

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